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12.2014 - eHealth lessons for 2.500 high school students

During October and November the activities of study and exchange with the USA of the Arsenàl.IT team was very intense. In October during a IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) meeting in Chicago the technical team of Arsenàl.IT proposed 2 new interoperability profiles: one inside the “IT Infrastructure (ITI)” domain and a second inside “Quality Research and Public Health (QRPH)” domain.

In the first meeting it came to an end the assessment phase of the proposals presented to all the participants. In the ITI domain there were 20 proposals and 6 in QRPH domain. The first profile subdued by Arsenàl.IT – that, once it will be implemented, it is going to let the patient see who, when and why had access to his/her personal clinical data – got the approval of the international technical community, having the best evaluation among the 20 proposals from all over the world.

The second proposal inside the QRPH domain was sent back to the following meeting that took place in Chicago some weeks later. In this case the profile permits to create an infrastructure for the data exchange among research and care domains by using the regional Electronic Health Record that is going to be developed in the Veneto Region.   

The evaluation commission decided to go on by shifting the profile in two different documents: a white paper (XDS-Clinical Research) including the guidelines to make an XDS research and an interoperability profile (Content for Document Type - CDT) to support the development of the XDS infrstructure.

In november there were some technical tests on solutions previously submitted to IHE.

It was very important for the Arsenàl.IT team to work on a joint international team as there were two similar case uses presented on the same problem, that is to say on the denied access to the path of clinical data in a stadardised way (for instance the creation, reading and management of clinical data). In the next months the Arsenàl.IT team will keep on elaborating proposals aiming at sharing a first draft of produced documents for the next technical meeting, that is going to take place in Paris on February 2015.


@Two!Salute!:eHealth lessons for 2.500 high school students in the Veneto Region

There are 99 classes in 14 High Schools in all the 7 provinces of the Veneto Region that are involved in @Two!Salute!, educational experience promoted by Arsenàl.IT in collaboration with the Veneto Region and all the regional public local health authorities. The project aims at involving students in innovation applied to healthcare, making them conscious users and active promoters of eHealth services. The first lesson is going taking place into the ITC Calvi High School in Belluno (not far from Venice) on the 24th November.

It is an activity addressed to students of the final years of the high school and it has the objective to inform the school population on the healthcare system organization and management at regional level, promoting new eHealth services linked to the digitalization of processes and clinical documents. It even aims at involving new generations in the evolution of healthcare services, making them conscious about the chances provided by the digital world and trying to reinforce and enlarge their participation. "The main idea – explains Claudio Dario, president of Arsenàl.IT – is that is essential to inform and make conscious those who will be the future healthcare services users. The objective is to guarantee a wide and correct access to healthcare services by adopting web and ICT channels and tools". Dr. Dario says that, moreover, youth, being digital native, are active players in the change, and can even become conscious vehicles, essential elements for the transfer of Knowledge and for the integration of information toward their families and people who are not digital native.

"New generations represent the keystone for the revolution in healthcare services –the president of Arsenàl.IT concludes – involving them in finding out new solutions and chances is fundamental to provide innovation ideas for the healthcare system. That is why Arsenàl.IT together with all our associated members (the 23 public Local Health Authorities and Hospital Trusts of the Veneto Region where there are 5.000.000 inhabitants) decided to enlarge the participation on the path towards the construction of the regional Electronic Health Record. This will be achieved by involving students as they can be the real players of innovation".

Promoted thanks to the regional School Office of the national Ministry of Education, lessons will take place during all the school year until spring 2015 and will be led by some representative of Local Health Authorities and experts from Arsenàl.IT. Indeed @Two!Salute! is an activity planned and designed by the Veneto's Research Centre for eHealth Innovation supported by 18 Local Health Authorities (ULSS n.1 Belluno, ULSS n.3 Bassano, ULSS n.4 Alto Vicentino, ULSS n.5 Ovest Vicentino, ULSS n.6 Vicenza, ULSS n.7 Pieve di Soligo, ULSS n.8 Asolo, ULSS n.9 Treviso, ULSS n.10 Veneto Orientale, ULSS n.12 Veneziana, ULSS n.13 Mirano, ULSS n.14 Chioggia, ULSS n.16 Padova, ULSS n.17 Monselice, ULSS n.18 Rovigo, ULSS n.19 Adria, ULSS n.20 Verona, ULSS n.21 Legnago) inside the project regional Electronic Health Record  that has being developed in Veneto since 2012. Inside this context Arsenàl.IT aims at involving youth on the theme of innovation applied to healthcare, making them real players in their healthcare paths and conscious users of eHealth services.