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01.2014 - In Bilbao the first meeting of CAREWELL dedicated to integrated care for chronic patients

A new European project started recently: it is CAREWELL, an initiative for the development of integrated care services for frail and chronic over 65 patients. Arsenàl.IT follow the project activities in support of the Local Health Authority 2 Feltre, partner of the initiative involving 13 institutions of 8 different European countries.

The formal launch of CAREWELL (Multi-level integration for patients with complex needs ) is scheduled on 1 February, while the kick off is planned on 13-14 February in Bilbao, capital of the Basque region that coordinates the initiative . The goal of the project is to develop integrated services for health and social care, with a focus on fragile population and chronic people over 65, i.e. with specific health needs. These services will be supported by ICT tools to facilitate the sharing of information between health and social workers, remote monitoring, patient self-management and the involvement of informal caregivers. There will be 6 pilots concerning two kinds of services: the coordination of the integrated care pathway (i.e., electronic medical records, ePrescription, teleconsultation, etc.) and a system of patient empowerment with home support (for example clinical telemonitoring,  web-based cognitive and physical training protocols, PHR, call centres).

The project partners are coordinated by the Spanish Asociación Centro Internacional de Excelencia en Investigación Sobre Cronicidad (Basque Region). The partnernship, which includes individuals of 8 countries of the European Union, is composed of : Servicio Vasco de Salud Osakidetza (Spain), Powys Teaching Local Health Board (Wales, UK), The Institute of Rural Health Lbg (Wale , UK), the Regional Health Agency ‘Pugliese' (Italy), Hrvatska Udruga Za Farmakoekonomikui Ekonomiku Zdravstva (Croatia), Urzad Marszałkowski Województwa Dolnoslaskiego (Poland), Local Health Authority No. 2 Feltre (Italy), Region Syddanmark (Denmark), Empirica Gesellschaft Fuer Kommunikations - Forschung und Technologie MBH (Germany), Health Information Management SA ( Belgium), Ericsson Nikola Tesla DD (Croatia), Sveuciliste U Zagrebu Fakultet Elektrotehnike I Racunarstva (Croatia).

The Veneto Region is represented by the Local Health Authority No. 2 Feltre that manages a piloty involving 80 patients. Arsenàl.IT supports the LHA n. 2 in the implementation and management of the project and in the results analysis.