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The main aim on which all the project is based is to provide a concrete answer to a managerial and practical need of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine centres, by building a interoperable system able to process and arrange both clinical-therapeutical and administration activities. A system applicable in all Authorities that belong to the partnership.

The main objectives are:

  • Guaranteeing a treatment path in the general frame of the continuity of care, making immediately available the clinical situation of each patient, at any moment and independently form the healthcare centre where the patient is treated. This allows to answer in a more efficient way and to prevent the phenomenon of “therapeutic nomadism”, that represents one of the characteristic of the path of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine;
  • Allowing operators and professionals to share clinical information related to patients thanks to a systematic and punctual data management. Il should be underlined that the main objective of the project is to make data available not only to people operating in the same team but even to those that belong to different healthcare structures that come into contact with the same patient in the path of the rehabilitation;
  • Improving the interoperability among different LHAs and Hospital Trusts following the guidelines of the Veneto Region;
  • Managing in an efficient way administrative flows, guaranteeing a correct check on the provided  service and its payment;
  • Improving the control on the healthcare costs, at the level of each Authority as well as at regional level, by a more accurate management and budget control thanks to the availability in real time of data on the activity development.