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06.2013 - The first outcomes of RENEWING HEALTH at the International Congress on Telehealth and Telecare in London

The experience of RENEWING HEALTH in treating chronic patients is the theme of a session of the III edition of the International Congress on Telehealth and Telecare taking place in London from 1stto 3rd July 2013. It is an event promoted by The King's Fund, a charity dealing with healthcare services in the UK. The International Congress on Telehealth e Telecare gives a chance to meet international researchers, telemedicine professionals and policy makers that are involved in presenting projects and initiatives dedicated to improving services for specific needs of the population. Arsenàl.IT presents a summary as for the first achievements of the RENEWING HEALTH project, dedicated to an HTA study on 3.332 patients suffering from COPD, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The session is about the "Integration of telehealth and telecare service in the Veneto Region" and it takes place 2nd July during a session on "Integration and Monitoring in telehealth and telecare". In such an occasion the Arsenàl.IT provides data that were showed even in Dublin during the eWeek and in Rome during the Forum PA.

If you are interested in following the event in London, you can register at the following link