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08.2013 - RENEWING HEALTH: the final event of the European Project in Bruxelles on 8th October 2013

Plenty of events are awaiting the partners of the RENEWING HEALTH projects that is going to have an official closing event on next 8th October in Brussels and the final regional event in Veneto in Treviso on 7th November. The European event is planned inside the agenda of the Open Days “11th European Week of Regions and Cities” that is going to take place between 7th and 11th October in the Belgium capital city. The Open Days are a chance to show and present projects and experiences developed by European partnerships in different fields.  

The workshop dedicated to the presentation of the outcomes reached by the European partnership that is still studying and assessing the use of tele-monitoring services for chronic patients suffering from hearth failures, COPD and diabetes is dedicated to “Citizens’ well-being through mobile care: efficient personal health service – the silent health revolution” and it takes place in Thon Hotel  EU di Bruxelles on 8th October(11.15 am – 1 pm). The workshop is open access but you need to register at this link. All partners of RENEWING HEALTH will illustrate the data gathered till now as for more than 7.000 patients (3.332 in the Veneto Region). On the same day and venue, in the afternoon there will be a conference organized by the User Advisory Board, during which partners will talk about some aspects of the HTA research.

The official closing of the European project will be an interlude for the final event a regional level planned for the 7th November in Treviso. It will be a chance to show and tell the experience that involved a great number of healthcare professionals, from general practitioners to specialist clinicians, that take care of chronic patients in the Local Health Authorities n.2 Feltre, n.4 Alto Vicentino, n.7 Pieve di Soligo, n.9 Treviso, n.12 Veneziana, n.13 Mirano, n.16 Padova, n.20 Verona, Hospital Trust of Padova and University Hospotal Trust of Verona.

All the details about the agenda will be published on the Arsenàl.IT website as well as the registration details.