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09.2013 - The results of RENEWING HEALTH: 7th November in Treviso the local final event of the european project

Next 7th November 2013 there will be the regional final event of the RENEWING HEALTH project in Veneto Region (Italy) named "Joining forces towards new healthcare models: the RENEWING HEALTH project". It will be held in Treviso in the headquarters of Arsenàl.IT.

It is the final local event of the HTA European experience that involved 9 Countries, that in Veneto has permitted to telemonitor 3,332 patients suffering from hearth failures, COPD and diabetes. 

RENEWING HEALTH will be concluded by the beginning of 2014 but it has been already possible to analyse the first achievements, useful to support political decisions with regard to healthcare above all at regional level.

The agenda of the event is based on some testimonials talking about the experience and the gathered data and a roundtable with experts at different levels (European, national and regional/local). They will provide an idea of how the experience of RENEWING HEALTH can be an answer to the problem of chronic diseases and to what they represent as for the affordability of costs in healthcare and the need to look for new models, providing efficient services at lower costs.

To subscribe please contact Chiara Da Riva (cdariva@consorzioarsenal.it, mob. +39 3667864807).