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Initiative centred on the study of guidelines for creating the shared case file requested by SIMFER (Italian Society of Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine, Veneto Region Group). 


In this project Arsenàl.IT led, in collaboration with Agenas, a survey on Health Technology Assessment, setting up a permanent observatory on technologies applied to telemedicine services and on international standards.


The project aimed at realizing a survey for the federation of contact registries of the 4 LHAs and Hospital Trusts of the Verona Province. This to allow the exact identification of subjects involved in the provision of healthcare services with the less impact possible on each single partner involved. 


SAFE HOME is a project that made it possible to create a wholly automated house for temporarily or permanently disabled people


The European Regional Telemedicine Forum (RTF), realized in the years 2010-2012, project sprang from the cooperation among 9 European partners who created a group aimed at defining guidelines for best practice and spreading of telemedicine services at European level.


EUnetHTA (European network for Health Technology Assessment) is a European project for the creation of a network for assessing healthcare technology that involved 35 European partners and that was closed in 2008.


The European project CASA (Consortium for Assistive Solutions Adoption) is funded under the IV Call of Proposal of the INTERREG IVC programme, whose overall objective is to improve the effectiveness of regional policies and tools financing interregional projects to support the exchange of experiences among partners who are working for the development of their local and regional policies.


The project, developed inside HEALTH OPTIMUM, proposed the application of technological standards used for the neurological for the treatment of ischemic stroke.

Telemedicine services for UTAP

The project "Telemedicine Services for UTAP" promotes the development of services provided by UTAPs (primary care groups composed of general practitioners and paediatricians that give care to 25.000 citizens on the average).


The project UNITED4HEALTH aims at reaching new frontiers in the evaluation and deployment on a large scale of ICT services for the management of people living with chronic diseases in home settings.


The project Lazio ESCAPE allows the digital management of the whole cycle for signing, certifying, filing, extracting, distributing and storing up clinical digital reports while leaving their legal validity unchanged.

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