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The European Regional Telemedicine Forum (RTF), realized in the years 2010-2012, project sprang from the cooperation among 9 European partners who created a group aimed at defining guidelines for best practice and spreading of telemedicine services at European level. Particular attention was focussed on the use of telemonitoring services for patients suffering from chronic diseases. In the project, Arsenàl.IT provided technical support to the Veneto Region (in particular LHA n. 9) to define the contents, the organization of workshops and coordination for drafting telemedicine guidelines.

The partners established a Regional Telemedicine Forum (RTF), which had the aim of spreading innovation in each region involved in the project. Beyond the benefits and the technical ripeness of the applications, the supply of telemedicine services was quite limited at European level. All this with a view of improving the quality of healthcare services by reducing costs.

In 3 years the partners have been involved in workshops, study visits and teleconference meetings to develop and deeply study the theme of telemedicine services linked to 3 pathologies: diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and cardiovascular diseases.