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SAFE HOME is a project that made it possible to create a wholly automated house for temporarily or permanently disabled people.The initiative was carried out - with funding from the Veneto Region - by a Temporary Business Association (TBA) from the VITA district composed of a group of technological companies (ABS, A-THON, EDAlab, Fracarro, HiT, IRC Padua, Real-T, Setecna, Tesan)and a group of associations representing users(Onlus Spirito di Stella, Galileo, Comune di Castelnuovo del Garda, AGEC, Consortium Arsenàl.IT).

The first completely automated apartment was experimented and made available in 2011 in Castelnuovo del Garda in the Verona province.

The experimental application of the SAFE HOME project started with the installation in the house of three systems integrated with one another and based on different technologies. The first is dedicated to safety and provided the installation of video-surveillance equipment, burglar alarms and presence detectors with an alarm control unit connected at all times to operators who are ready to act in the event of irregularities or dangers.

This structure is integrated by a modern domotic system which aims at minimizing the limitations caused by disability, thanks to a lot of different solutions and devices for increasing the citizen's autonomy, the usability of the functions in a domestic ambience for environmental control and the reduction of accident risks at home. These range from carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to fall sensors, from video communications systems to door and shutter automation devices, and from air-conditioning to heating. In addition to these are the advanced telemedicine system and the home telesupport service, particularly as regards the extra-hospital management of the elderly suffering from various diseases. 

The technological heart of this third apparatus consists of two sections. On the one hand a light medical device was devised for homely use, with a touch-screen interface and integrated with multimedia technologies such as a Contact Centre for the real-time exchange of clinical data between patients and healthcare workers. On the other hand, a completely web-based IT platform was built for access to the data, constantly connected to a central operations unit available to patients and healthcare workers all night and day long and fully respecting privacy.

Arsenàl.IT has the role to follow the creation of the automated home by providing a survey aimed at identifying the standards necessary for the interoperability of the model's components. An innovative model exportable into other contexts.