SUSTAINS (Support USers To Access Information and Services) is a European project that involves 16 partners of 12 European countries with a budget of about 7.000.000 EurosThe Veneto Region is represented by LHA n. 8 – Asolo, which avails itself of the technical support of the Arsenàl.IT Consortium in the role of sub-contractor.

The aim of the project is to study and implement services that permit direct access online by citizens to their personal healthcare data so as to improve their empowerment and administrative management. This initiative is in line with the priorities of the European Digital Agenda, which promotes the use of ICT to support the economic recovery and a sustainable digital future.

LHA 8 – Asolo, as partner, will try out and improve two types of services: administrative and clinical. The first type concerns, for example, booking specialist services or diagnostic examinations, the payment of services, the service for choosing/revoking the general practitioner, and monitoring access by other users to one's electronic data or clinical documents, all strictly online. As far as clinical services are concerned, on the other hand, consultation of the records via the internet will be activated and it will be possible for the patient to interact with the doctor and insert comments and observations in the Electronic Health Record and also integrate the monitoring data in special cases. 

The project SUSTAINS represents a fundamental experience in the analysis and evaluation of some online services for citizens that will be implemented in the regional Electronic Health Record, an objective that the Veneto Region intends to achieve by the end of 2015.