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"eGov 2014" Award

Internal efficiency and simplification is the category in which the regional healthcare system got the "premio eGov 2014". The award was assigned on the 18th September 2014 to the Veneto Region and Arsenàl.IT for projects that guaranteed the achievement of the ePrescription that nowadays is completely fulfilled in Veneto and the activity of labeling, the certification of interoperability of healthcare softwares that Arsenàl.IT is realizing inside the regional Electronic Health Record. Solutions that help to simplify and make the administrate action easier, producing efficiency. That is why the steering committee of the award composed by Gianluigi Cogo of the Veneto Region, Luca De Pietro of the Padua University and Giovanni Gentili of the Digital Agenda of the Umbria Region positively evaluated the path that led to ePrescription in Veneto where since the beginning of September 2014 there is a digital connection among general practitioners, chemistries, Local Health Authorities, the Regional Information Healthcare System, and the Ministry of Finance for data exchange. This new network guarantees to save 3.244.901 euros every year for the regional Healthcare System of the Veneto Region.

"eGov 2013" Award

Fourth national reward for the project Veneto ESCAPE, that on the 19th September 2013 was awarded with "Premio Egov 2013" dedicated to the theme "Digital Agenda starts from the territory". Veneto ESCAPE is a project that since the end of 2012 guarantees to all people living in the Veneto Region the online download of their laboratory exams. It got the award in the section dedicated to internal efficiency, winner among 109 projects. "Success of Veneto ESCAPE - said the regional ministry of healthcare, Mr. Luca Coletto - are really a lot, but I want to praise Arsenàl.IT once again for all the job done during these years. The digitalization of healthcare services today is a best practice of our regional healthcare system that permits to save more than 120.000.000 euros per year to people and guarantees to have am ore efficient service directly for the citizens that do not have to move to get their clinical exams". "This is an award - specifies the president and Chief Executive Officer of Arsenàl.IT, dr. Claudio Dario - that goes to the most used eGov service at national level. And it is even an example of eDemocracy, considering that more than 60% of referrals produced in Veneto are downloaded on the Internet and in some areas tho percentage is up to 90%".

Forum PA 2013 Award - "10X10 Storie di Qualità"


The Veneto Region and Arsenàl.IT received a medal from the President of the Italian Republic for the "10X10 Storie del Qualità" award assigned in Rome on 30th May 2013 during the Forum PA.

The regional project managed by Arsenàl.IT obtained the national prize appointed by the FORUM PA and Associazione Italiana Cultura Qualità Centro Insulare in order to acknowledge projects, ideas and initiatives that contributed to save money and enhance the quality of the services provided by Public Administrations.

Veneto ESCAPE was awarded in the category dedicated to "process innovation for saving" thanks to money saved by the introduction of the dematerialization of the clinical document process closed in 2012 in all the 23 Local Health Authorities and Hospital Trusts in the Veneto Region. The project let the public health system save 56 millions euros in a 3 years period, while permitted the citizens to save up to 120 millions euros per years thanks to the reduction of travels and time saved instead of going to healthcare offices to get personal laboratory medical reports. Now, thanks to Veneto ESCAPE indeed, all 4.960.000 inhabitants of the Veneto Region can have access and download their medical reports online from the websites of their LHAs.

"PA Aperta 2012" Award

A project that promotes the innovative use of ICT to improve the quality of life and, consequently, the inclusion of patients, in particular elderly people, suffering from chronic pathologies. This is the reason why the panel of the eighth edition of the prize "PA aperta 2012" awarded RENEWING HEALTH first place in the category "Smart City Inclusive". The Veneto Region is one of the partners of the project, which aims at improving the quality of life of chronic patients afflicted by cardiovascular pathologies, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and diabetes, by using telemedicine.

The prize was awarded yesterday in Bologna by "Forum PA, Smart City Exhibition" and ASPHI Foundation and it was addressed to all the public administration bodies that want to favour the usability of the services for weaker categories of people. The aim is to increase the value of the experiences that centre on these people, fostering their social inclusion by means of more accessible services. "The technicians of Arsenàl.IT are in charge of this project that – underlines the Regional Councillor for health Coletto – is one of the success stories of a wide innovative process we are carrying out in the wholeness of our health system. A high-technology project that is very concrete at the same time, in which many of our patients are included".


"eGov 2012" Award

Prestigioso riconoscimento nazionale per il progetto RENEWING HEALTH, iniziativa europea che vede come partner la Regione Veneto con il supporto tecnico di Arsenàl.IT, al quale una giuria nazionale di esperti di servizi digitali ha assegnato il premio eGov 2012 nella sezione "Servizi all'utenza più intelligenti". Il premio, promosso dalla casa editrice Maggioli, è stato consegnato lo scorso 20 settembre a Riccione, in una cerimonia alla presenza di esperti e autorità. In gara c'erano 90 enti e 135 progetti da tutta Italia.

La giuria ha assegnato il premio, esprimendo la seguente valutazione "il tema della sanità e dei servizi di supporto alla salute degli utenti, nonché qualunque iniziativa che miri a migliorare il servizio offerto dalle istituzioni sanitarie è sicuramente lodevole. Nello specifico il progetto dimostra come l'applicazione intelligente e coerente di soluzioni tecnologiche nel mondo dell'assistenza socio-sanitaria consente di migliorare la qualità del servizio al paziente con un deciso e determinabile risparmio in termini di costi per l'amministrazione". 

"The Public Administration on the spotlight 2011" Award

The video about the Veneto ESCAPE project entitled "Meno file più files" (less rows more files) is enlisted among the finalists of the VII edition of the national award "The Public Administration on the spotlight" promoted by Formez PA.   

The award, started from 2005 on an initiative of the National Public Function Department and promoted in collaboration with the National Journalist Council, aims at giving an appreciation to the creativity and professionals involved in single project, but even the ability to use in the better way the possibilities associated with the web, the video, the digital and the mobile television.

The contest moreover appointed and awarded to the productions, particularly considering the satisfaction and the appreciation of the citizens, the actual involvement of internal resources, the rationalization of the production costs and the use of multichannel in the video distribution.

"Less paper, more value" 2011 Award

The Veneto ESCAPE project got the fist prize award in the section "Meno carta, più valore" (Less paper, more value) by the Forum della Pubblica Amministrazione 2011, that took place in Rome from 9th to 12th May 2011.

The award was assigned to the Veneto Region and to Arsenàl.IT for the project that, on the rhythm of the claim "Meno file e più files" (Less rows, more files), is gradually turning the Veneto social and healthcare system upside down, letting to 5 million people download their clinical documents simply by using the internet.

The project, co-funded by the Veneto Region and DigitPA and co-ordinated by Arsenàl.IT, was selected among 235 participants to the National contest, that aimed at evaluating and spreading the best experiences that allow the elimination of paper in the Public Administration and the introduction of de-materialization processes at the national level.

"Health Academy 2010" Award

"Health Academy" is an Forum PA initiative in collaboration with Farmafactoring that give awards to e-Health excellence. 

Awards are assigned to projects in which the ICT role is essential: technologies change from simple commodities into strategic gears that top mangers in health system can use to make organizations more efficient and able to furnish top quality and customized healthcare services. Arsenàl.IT received the award for the project "Physical and rehabilitation electronic health record.

"Innovation leaders 2008" Award

Arsenàl.IT, in the person of its President, Mr Claudio Dario, received in 2008 the Forum PA Award dedicated to "Innovation Leaders" in the Healthcare sector.

The jury, comprised of representatives from Forum PA and from Sole 24ore-Nova, gave this award in recognition of the engagement in the dissemination and application of innovative services and processes that are capable of adding value to Health Service provision.