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The project achieved important outcomes most of all as regard the possibilities in tele-monitoring the conditions of patients affected by the most common chronic pathologies. These achievements are going to be illustrated in some articles under submission in several international scientific journals and publications.

In the Veneto Region, on the total amount of 6.096 patients involved in the study at European level, telemonitoring involved 3.332 patients: 2.101 affected by hearth failures with devices, 339 affected by hearth failures and recently being in hospital, 299 suffering from diabetes (type 2), 439 with COPD and 154 multi-pathology patients that is to say suffering from at least one of the quoted pathologies and other health problems.

9.604 questionnaires were delivered and 68.500.000 data were gathered.

Here you are the list of the main outcomes achieved in the Veneto Region:

-   The study demonstrated that for patients in worse health conditions, who more frequently need to go to the hospital and to access specialist visits,tele-monitoring is useful and efficient both from a clinical (with less hospital accesses and less specialist visits as for patients involved in the intervention group followed by telemedicine) and economical point of view, demonstrating the efficacy of the service;

Patients and their caregivers said that they are satisfied with the service, feeling safer and comfortable, even more involved in the daily management of their pathology. They even appreciate the easy and friendly use of the devices whose usefulness is recognized without feeling overrun in their privacy or being uneasy for their use. Moreover they feel safer and less worry about their health conditions so that they give advice to people with their pathology to use telemedicine to take under control their health;   

- The research demonstrates that we can enhance the empowerment of patients affected by chronic pathologies, incrementing their responsibilities, consciousness and personal involvement in the management of their pathologies. The project let unskilled people as for ICT devices to use them to actively monitor their health conditions;

-  The clinicians' perception: the involved clinicians consider telemonitoring useful to check the conditions of patients affected by chronic diseases, guaranteeing a chance to a prompt intervention in case of symptoms of worsening. 

More outcomes and achievements will be available after the publication of scientific articles on the study and they even will be published on this website.