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03.2013 - Arsenàl.IT seen by Charles Parisot

Charles Parisot, GE Healthcare Manager for Architecture and Standards, was in Treviso on March 2013 for the IHE Europe meeting and for the congress dedicated to “Sailing to EHR in the Veneto region: Infrastructure and standard”. During the meetings we had the chance to get an interview about many theme and, in particular, we asked him his opinion about Arsenàl.IT. He says that he knows quite well our structure as he has been observing it since about 5 years and he likes the idea of a regional structure thinking as being a Region inside Europe. Most of all Charles Parisot considers particularly important the aim at creating the culture of collaboration thanks to many projects and pilots in which Arsenàl.IT participates. He also says that as for interoperability matters, the Veneto Region, thanks to Arsenàl.IT, is one of the most ready to take the next step.