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06.2014 - eHealth interoperability in Treviso: June 18th, the Italian summit of the European network Antilope

Interoperability of information systems in health care is the key to develop the full potential of eHealth. In particular standards and certification framework for the dissemination of interoperability will be the themes of the Italian summit of the European Thematic Network "Antilope", in programme in Treviso 18th June 2014.

The European Commission has launched the project for the establishment of such a network in 2013 to promote the use of standards and profiles for interoperability in health care by promoting their adoption within the European Union. Antilope supports the objective of eHealth Action Plan 2012-2020: spreading interoperability testing, quality standards and a certification framework for eHealth at European level by 2015. Leading international institutions on standardization supports the network. The workshop, organized into ten regions across Europe serve to highlight the crucial role for the creation of interoperable solutions for a European Interoperability Framework, a quality management system interoperability, testing, and dissemination of tools for quality certification.

The Italian summit Antilope is sponsored by Assinter, an association that brings together in house factories including Arsenàl.IT, that will host the event.

To attend the event you must sign up at the following link.