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10.2012 - Press release n. 11 – October 31, 2012 – Services that improve life of chronic patients: RENEWING HEALTH wins the prize “PA APERTA 2012”

Venice - October 31, 2012 - A project that promotes the innovative use of ICT to improve the quality of life and, consequently, the inclusion of patients, in particular elderly people, suffering from chronic pathologies. This is the reason why the panel of the eighth edition of the prize “PA aperta 2012” awarded RENEWING HEALTH first place in the category “Smart City Inclusive”. The Veneto Region is one of the partners of the project, which aims at improving the quality of life of chronic patients afflicted by cardiovascular pathologies, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and diabetes, by using telemedicine.

The prize was awarded yesterday in Bologna by “Forum PA, Smart City Exhibition” and ASPHI Foundation and it was addressed to all the public administration bodies that want to favour the usability of the services for weaker categories of people. The aim is to increase the value of the experiences that centre on these people, fostering their social inclusion by means of more accessible services. “The technicians of Arsenàl.IT are in charge of this project that – underlines the Regional Councillor for health Coletto – is one of the success stories of a wide innovative process we are carrying out in the wholeness of our health system. A high-technology project that is very concrete at the same time, in which many of our patients are included”.

In these days the enrolment of 3.242 patients of the Veneto Region is just about to conclude. The citizens involved belong to 9 Local Health Authorities that take part in the project, which gets together 9 European Regions with the intent to evaluate the use of Personal Health Systems, telemedicine services and telemonitoring for about 8.000 Community chronic patients suffering from different pathologies. The patients recruited by the Veneto Region with the support of the Consortium Arsenàl.IT, Veneto's Research Centre for eHealth Innovation, have an average age of 78 and belong to the categories that more than others have recourse to public health services because of their chronic pathologies. The aim of the study is to verify if the telemonitoring system can reduce accesses to first aid hospital services, doctor's offices, specialist examinations and hospitalizations and if the patients’ anxiety level could decrease thanks to the control devices and to the guarantee that their health conditions are constantly monitored. The data collected will be available in 2013, closing year of the project.

What is more, just one month ago RENEWING HEALTH won the prize “eGov 2012” in the section "Cleverer services for users" awarded by the publishing house Maggioli in Riccione.