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10.2013 - Arsenàl.IT seen by Uwe Buddruss

On the occasion of the event dedicated to the presentation of data assessment concerning digital health dossier of the 23 Local Health Authorities and Hospital Trusts of Veneto Region (September 2013) we had the pleasure of hosting Uwe Buddruss, managing director of HIMSS Analytics Europe. Thus, we had the opportunity to interview the manager of one of the most influential institutions in the world on the assessment in the health field, who explained the method of valuation Emram and the path created in collaboration with Arsenàl.IT to collect data for the analysis. Buddruss also highlighted the level of results achieved for the health system of Veneto Region, which is facing the great challenge of creating the regional Electronic Health Record. In the following video the general Manager of HIMSS ANALYTICS Europe describes how was the collaboration with Arsenàl.IT during the assessment of all the public healthcare structures in the Veneto Region and how the Veneto's Research eHealth Innovation Centre helped HIMSS in gathering data.