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10.2014 - Published on Telemedicine and eHealth an article about the neurosurgical telecounseling network in the Veneto Region

On the 1st October 2014 the American scientific journal "Telemedicine and e-Health" published an article entitled "The neurosurgical telecounseling network in the Veneto Region: 4 years of experience of HEALTH OPTIMUM" edited by the team of Arsenàl.IT (with the project manager Elena Vio) and the clinician involved in the project. It is an article that illustrates the achievements in the Veneto Region got thanks to the neurosurgical telecounseling network built thanks to the European project experience developed in HEALTH OPTIMUM.

The text, that gives scientific value at international level to the outputs obtained by the Veneto Region, explains the experience developed from 2005 that led to have a homogenous level of service in the whole regional territory as for the clinical treatment of head trauma by constituting a hub&spoke network that make the telemedicine service available in 34 peripheral hospitals linked to 7 hub centres. Sharing guidelines and interoperability standards guarantees the creation of an infrastructure that today offers a routine service on regional basis.

In the scientific article Arsenàl.IT presents the achievement of over 3 years of monitoring action from which we see that in Veneto there are 3.181 telecounseling per year that guarantee not to move the patients from peripheral hospital to specialized hospitals. In the 84% of registered cases after the telecounseling patients were not moved and transferred.

Gathered data demonstrate that major benefits produced by the HEALTH OPTIMUM project were achieved thanks to the re-organization of clinical and care processes that, not only guarantee more quick clinical response, but even a rationalization of human and technological resources.

HEALTH OPTIMUM permitted to overcome a project experience to get a system based on routine service as for neurosurgical telecounseling. Today in the Veneto Region we can count on a consolidated telemedicine network that connects 34 peripheral hospitals to 7 specialist centres, involving over 1.000 healthcare professionals. This network guarantees quicker and more appropriate diagnosis for people with head traumas, not depending on the kind of hospital they access, and the reduction of useless transfer to far away hospitals. The expertise developed in HEALTH OPTIMUM was then applied to other important ehealth project such as Veneto ESCAPE, DOGE and RENEWING HEALTH. These relevant achievements were recognized by the European Commission in 2011, at the end of the project, and now acknowledged by the international scientific community thanks to the article edited by Arsenàl.IT and signed by all clinicians that took part into the project experience.

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