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A new labelling platform activated by the Arsenàl.IT team is now available for all the associated members and their suppliers for testing and tools activity. It is an important tool mainly for the planned actions in the "Gruppo di Lavoro" (Working team) about regional Electronic Health Record dedicated to labelling, as that platform permits to test and validate technical solutions, checking their interoperability and the adherence to guidelines defined in the regional EHR Community. The suppliers, by means of the platform, can ask a check on the interoperability of their products, subduing to an evaluation process based on fixed elements according to the kind of solution and its possible applications. A professional of Arsenàl.IT, trained on IHE experience, is in charge of following the whole testing process, checking its development. The platform generates a periodic reporting of the testing activities, guaranteeing a monitoring process on the working progress.

The team of Arsenàl.IT, by this activity, will be able to provide the labelling process, giving the suppliers of the Local Health Authorities and Hospital Trusts of the Veneto Region a concrete accreditation of the process and the overcoming of tests on various products. In this way associated partners can reduce the time of application of such technical solutions with an advantage for all the regional healthcare system.