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The DOGE project had two main objectives:

1 – Primary Care network: the development of a system that permits constant interaction between General Practitioners (GP) and paediatricians with the Local Health Authority made the clinical-administrative information regarding patients immediately available to the actors involved and guaranteed the security and confidentiality of the processed data. The project provided the automation using ICT tools of the information flows regarding personal details (including information on exemptions, choice and revocation of the GP, hospitalization notifications, prescriptions, the transmission of reports, etc.), in such a way as to significantly increase the promptness and accuracy of the communications, to the benefit both of the patients and of the obligations towards the Ministry of the Economy and Finance.

2 – Prescription cycle: priorities of the project were the identification and development of solutions that made it possible to implement the provisions regarding the ePrescription as defined by Act n. 326/2006. This goal was achieved by means of a shared system of applicative cooperation that makes the IT systems of the GPs, Local Health Authorities and the Region interoperable. The project also defined rules and technical procedures for activating communications flows between existing systems, without the need to use new and different tools, with a view to optimizing the investments already made.