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The DOGE project allowed the creation of a network among 70 GPs and FCPs. In May 2013 94% of GPs, 83% of FCPs and 10% of specialists working in the Veneto Region were connected to the regional network.

DOGE moreover has made it possible to activate four types of services:

·       Personal record services: these made it possible to manage the personal details both between the regional and local records offices of the hospital IT systems, and between the hospital IT systems and the GPs/FCPs.

·       Document services: these are the services that permitted documents to be shared between hospital IT systems and GPs/FCPs, using specific profiles defined by the IHE standard. Four types of services were involved in this case: notify documents, query documents, retrieve documents and submit documents;

·       ePrescription services: these are the services involved in the prescription cycle for which the GPs/FCPs and hospital IT systems are responsible. They concern the creation and notification of the ePrescription, thanks to which every year 3.000.000 euros can be saved;

·       Privacy services: these are services linked to the collection and consultation of consent, areas which, in short, included processing the citizens' consent for the use of their personal details and the exchange of clinical documents between the GP and the LHA.

One of the added values of the experience gained through DOGE can be seen in the methodology used for drafting the project specifications, both standard and universal that can be applied in other similar contexts.