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DOGE is a Veneto Region project for the creation of a network of services for sharing clinical data for primary care professionals, namely GPs and freely chosen paediatricians.

Arsenàl.IT carried out the role of consultant for planning the network and also managed the analysis, monitoring and support for launching the model. The pilot project was successfully completed in March 2011 in ULSS (LHA) 19 Adria, in collaboration with LHA n. 18 Rovigo with which the former shares the IT system.

The pilot stage of the project in LHA n. 19, in collaboration with LHA n. 18 Rovigo, lasted two years and was fully up and running in 2011 with the involvement of about 70 GPs and paediatricians. The project guaranteed the creation of a network of services satisfying the needs of the various actors involved in the clinical process who, by sharing the clinical data between authorized professionals, increase the level of continuity of care. As a result the patient is placed at the centre of the diagnosis and care processes.

Furthermore, DOGE complied with the provisions of article 50 of Act 326/2003 regarding the transmission of the ePrescription to the Ministry of the Economy of the National Health Service.

The applications and full implementation of DOGE at system level, integrated with the services provided thanks to the Veneto ESCAPE project, open the way towards the Electronic Health Record, that represent an objective that the Veneto Region wants to achieve in two-years time as defined in the regional planning.