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ERMETE is a regional project approved inside the regional programme PRIHTA, dedicated to HTA research and development. It aims at defining and experimenting prescription advice as for some laboratory exams and tests, that, thanks to an ICT system supporting decisions (DSS - Decision Support System), can provide a support for clinicians both general practitioners and specialists to enhance the pertinence of prescriptions. Nowadays the usefulness of diagnostic tests is degraded by the irrelevance of most of them: scientific literature at international level demonstrates an average of 33% of inappropriate tests on the total amount of requested exams. Based on some previous local experiences led in Local Health Authority n. 18 Rovigo and Local Health Authority n. 13 Mirano, ERMETE is intended to concretely develop and enhance the previous researches, by defining prescription advice approved by a scientific board that will be the source for the DSS for prescribers.

The project, according to the main objectives of the regional project Fascicolo Sanitario Elettronico (Electronic Health Record) - FSEr, represents a part of it thanks to the application of expert systems that guarantee appropriate services. There is even a technical group inside FSEr project dedicated to "GDL-O Sistemi Esperti – ERMETE" where experts propose, discuss, and approved advice as for different clinical contexts.