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By the end of this project, outcomes will influences different targets:

Citizens will enjoy:

• a prescription adequate to clinical needs: applying decision support systems by clinicians guarantees to provide appropriate answers with less clinical risks;

• saving ticket and costs linked to additional exams .

The Regional Healthcare System can have a tool guaranteeing a reduction of tests and exams, and resulting costs about laboratories. In this way political decision makers will get data to plan organization and managerial items in a better way.

Clinicians will have a support in prescriptions thanks to:

• orienteering towards more efficient tests;

• a support to prevent errors and knowledge bias;

• enhancing the quality of the relationship with patients, less compelled by prescription duties;

• provided advice, that can be considered a summary guideline with advantages coming from the application of it, for instance as for the reduction of what is defined as "defensive medicine".

Laboratories will enjoy a better use of resources, addressing them towards useful organizational and technological assets to provide a better, clinical-oriented service outcome.