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The regional Electronic Health Record (FSEr) is a four-year long project approved in 2012 (DGR n.1671 del 2012) by the Veneto Region that encharged Arsenàl.IT of coordinating the 23 Local Health Authorities and Hospital Trusts of the region to achieve the objective by 2015. It is an agreement that gathers the eHealth experience of the associated members, leading the whole regional healthcare system to fulfil the national guidelines defined in the Digital Agenda and planned by the "Decreto Fare" that in June 2013 established deadlines for realizing the EHR at national level.

The Veneto EHR model, more like a Regional Health Information Organization, guarantees the clinical data sharing among all the LHAs and Hospital Trusts aiming at enhancing the healthcare process on a regional basis. The innovation of the model lays in sharing the whole process with the professionals working inside the healthcare regional system. This happens thanks a bottom-up approach that is intended to make the EHR a working tool capable of answering the professionals' questions in the most efficient way. Once ready, the tool will offer a lot of advantages thanks to provide resources available to make future healthcare affordable at regional level.  

This will be consistent in giving each citizen the chance to access his/her own data safely, by introducing new management models that guarantee the begin of innovative paths in healthcare continuity, producing advantages as for efficiency and economic saving.