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The model of the Electronic Health Record of the Veneto Region represents an unique example as for the peculiar working method defined and applied by Arsenàl.IT with a very wide-ranging involvement of the healthcare professionals (clinicians, general practitioners, IT and administration managers, etc.) at regional level. The bottom-up approach is exemplified by a model shared by all the actors of the healthcare system.



The operational phase of the project started by creating working teams where professionals discuss with the aim of producing the guidelines that will be subsequently applied in each Local Health Authority and Hospital Trust. There are 17 working groups.

The documents produced by such groups are published inside the reserved area of Arsenàl.IT website where is located the online regional EHR community. All these documents are subdued to a public comment area where, in a 30-days period professionals can provide observations, notes and proposals to modify the texts. All comments are gathered by the Arsenàl.IT technical team that moderates the discussions, analysing each proposal and providing solutions whenever there is a problem.

Once completed the process and welcomed the amendments, the document is sent for the final review to the eHealth Board (Tavolo di Sanità Elettronica) and, finally, to the project Steering Committee.

This is a sharing method that engages participants that led to produce a great amount of guidelines that are going to be applied by the same people involved in the whole process. That is why it is an efficient method concerning more than 1.000 professionals.

All documents (written in Italian) are available inside the authorized area of the Arsenàl.IT website. To have access you should register (login).