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ePrescription is an essential element of the regional Electronic Health Record (FSEr) in Veneto. It is the creation of a synchronous connection among general practitioners (and paediatricians) that produce the eprescription. This traditional drug prescription is introduced in a digital network that connects GPs, pharmacies, Local Health Authorities, the Region, and the Ministry of Finance. Arsenàl.IT, that manages the experience at regional level within the project FSEr, produced the technical guidelines for interoperability of all systems involved, carrying out a series of tests for the labeling of GPs/PLS case histories softwares and for pharmacies management programmes. More than 5,000 healthcare professionals were involved in a specific training path on this topic. ePrescription guarantees the elimination of errors due to a prescriptive set of controls made by the Region and the Ministry of Economy, at the same time controlling pharmaceutical costs supporting a better treatment for the patient. But the most important aspect is that this represents a fundamental step towards the Electronic Health Record since it offers a first core cluster of the patient's digital data.

The objective is to protect the patient, making it available a tool to monitor and control the cost of pharmaceuticals and healthcare specialized services. After a pilot project developed in two Local Health Authorities, the path of dematerialization was launched in early 2014 without any particular changes for the user, who continues to receive the traditional drug prescription with an additional code that represents the digital identity. From 1st September 2014 the traditional drug prescription was substituted by a paper reminder (called "promemoria") that simply aims at taking note of the number of ePrescription and the personal tax code of the citizen. Thanks to these data, the citizen is be able to receive the prescribed drugs from any pharmacy in the Veneto Region or, not in a far away future, book a medical examination. The ePrescription allowed Arsenàl.IT to develop an organizational model that involved a large number of healthcare professional and defined the path to achieve the goal of creating the infrastructure of the regional Electronic Health Record.