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The project had the following general objectives:

  • To define organizational models based on telemedicine shared by healthcare professionals and clinicians;
  • to experiment telemedicine services based on hub&spoke models, such as neurosurgicalteleconsultation, and telelaboratory in the first phase of the project and during the second phase the neurological teleconsultationfor strokes and decentralized management of patients in Oral Anticoagulant Therapy;
  • to implement and develop the neurosurgical teleconsultation and telelaboratory services at regional level by using international technological standards that guarantee interoperability among LHAs and Hospital Trusts;
  • to create an interoperability network as forteleconsultationservices that let be the data exchange being managed at regional level.

Thanks to HEALTH OPTIMUM new managerial models (procedures, technological, clinical and legal aspects) were introduced and were revised paying a special attention to interoperability and adoption of international standards.