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Interview with Claudio Dario – Chairman Arsenàl.IT

The project is not only an example of a trial that has led to the launch and consolidation of innovative services, but also an important comparison of European experiences. Dr. Claudio Dario, who was the project coordinator, discusses HEALTH OPTIMUM and illustrates its development prospects.


What is the importance of the HEALTH OPTIMUM project and the results obtained?

Its strategic importance can already be seen in the recognition gained in the first stage of “Market Validation”, when the project was voted “European eTEN project of the year 2005”. H.O. was born, therefore, to a prize-winning pedigree horse which achieved notable results in its second stage of dissemination in Veneto. There are many services currently in operation which are built on a model of integration and communication between hospitals, a model that was developed on a common base in terms of semantics, technology, techno-organisation as well as infrastructures. The infostructure created is a road that can be taken when developing many other projects today, such as we are currently doing with RENEWING HEALTH.


What factors allowed the experimental experience to become an institutionalised service?

The shared infostructure made it possible to develop clinical-organisational models which were recognised both by clinicians and administrations, and then chosen as stable procedures for supplying services within the HEALTH OPTIMUM experience. The analysis of health technology assessment carried out during the project made it possible to support clinical and administrative decisions in order to put the organisational models tested into practice, in a stable way.


What is the added value of being able to compare different European situations?

The added value is that we can bring together different national and local projects regarding technical and organisational standards, which means we can find tougher solutions and a steadier relationship with the suppliers’ market. The growth of this market is a very important aspect from the viewpoint of innovation in healthcare. Like other Italian Regions, the Veneto Region with Arsenàl.IT is investing in this direction and the market must recognise the standards, not to compete for ownership of the projects but to begin to broaden its perspective from the owner system to the system of standards. Currently the market is complex and layered, on one side there are giants that it is difficult to speak to and on the other side there are lots of small subjects who are intelligent and innovative but unable to offer any guarantee of stability. In this sense the market needs to grow, increase its stability and offer a balance between the agility of innovation and the strength of solutions.All of this within the logic that a good investment must last over time.


What do you consider to be the future developments of HEALTH OPTIMUM services?HEALTH OPTIMUM has laid tracks in unexplored territory. Now we can expand and create a peripheral network of services. Getting the structure on its feet is of fundamental importance just as it is important that clinicians have developed organisational models which can eliminate the problem of distance. This project has also helped us gather together the demands of clinicians and technical-administrative demands too. The decision to embark on this venture depends on administrators and legislators, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the infostructure which has been tested and set up. Let’s say that thanks to HEALTH OPTIMUM we have made a quantum leap and now we just have to find the best way to go onwards and upwards.