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The neurosurgical teleconsultation was implemented in all the LHAs and Hospital Trusts, guaranteeing 2.300 teleconsultations by using 81 positions in the Veneto Region every year.

The network thanks to HEALTH OPTIMUM connects 34 peripheral hospitals with 7 specialized centres, offering the chance to more than a thousand healthcare professionals to routinely use telemedicine services.

The monitoring phase showed that the established model allows to reduce avoidable transport by 75%, both involving a shorted time for diagnosis. For instance it was discovered that thanks to HEALTH OPTIMUM 39% of teleconsultations are closed within half an hour and 60% of them within one hour time.

Data on neurological teleconsultation for stroke show that there is reduction up to 94% of transportation with a subsequent shorter time for care and the chance to have access to specialized services in real time.

In the case of the treatment of patients following oral anticoagulant therapy (OAT) many INR exams were executed by using coagulometers and Integrated Homecare with a complete data transmission until the therapy prescription. 

The telelabortory involved LHAs, integrating various kinds of Point of Care Testing (POCT) with the Laboratory Information System by following international standards.

At the end of the project there are 298 POCT tools connected to the Laboratory Information System managed by the analysis laboratories that produced 1.118.459 exams in the 15-months monitoring phase at regional level.