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HEALTH OPTIMUM (Health OPTIMization throUgh teleMedicine) is a European project that, from 2004 to 2009, permitted the implementation and development of telemedicine services for neurosurgical teleconsultation, telelaboratory, neurological teleconsultation for managing patients hit by ischemic stroke and patients following oral anticoagulant therapy.

It was an initiative that included the Veneto Region as project leader (LHA n.9 Treviso coordinating all the 23 LHAs involved), Gobierno de Aragòn (Spain), Syddanmark Region (Denmark), County of Uppsala (Sweden) and County of Timisoara (Romania).

In the first phase (Market Validation, 2004-2006) it was demonstrated the sustainability of innovative organizational models experimented in various European healthcare structures, while the aim of the second stage (Initial Deployment, 2007-2009) was to disseminate the validated models on a wider scale and try out new ones.

Arsenàl.IT was in charge of defining the technical specifications for interoperability and supervising the installation and start-up of telemedicine services. In the second stage the Consortium contributed to the validation of organizational models for two new applications and managed the monitoring phase, gathering the outcomes of the pilots and of their following management.

Since the end of the project, nowadays in the Veneto Region HEALTH OPTIMUM looks like a telemedicine consolidated network that connects 34 peripheral hospitals with 7 specialized centres, involving more than healthcare 1.000 professionals in the whole Veneto region. 

On the 1st October 2014 the American scientific journal "Telemedicine and e-Health" published an article entitled "The neurosurgical telecounseling network in the Veneto Region: 4 years of experience of HEALTH OPTIMUM" edited by the team of Arsenàl.IT (with the project manager Elena Vio) and the clinician involved in the project. It is an article that illustrates the achievements in the Veneto Region got thanks to the neurosurgical telecounseling network built thanks to the European project experience developed in HEALTH OPTIMUM.