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The project, put on action by the introduction of the electronic clinical record, allows changing the activity of each department thanks to the digitalization of the whole clinical process. A piece of news that let to re-organize even the managerial model inside each LHA involved.

The produced outputs can be summed up as follows:

  • Improvement of the planning of the care rehabilitation process;
  • Creation of international boards, that analyse problems linked to the operators’ needs and suggest solutions in a systemic view that considers the patient as the centre of the service;
  • Optimization of the use of dedicated human resources and a more efficient use of medical equipment;
  • Sharing inside the same team of clinical information about the patients;
  • Creation of an interoperation system among LHAs and hospital trusts;
  • Chance to check administration flows and to produce, thanks to the data monitoring and surveys on provisions and statistics on activity.