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The realization of the project “Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine” allows torealize a digital clinical record for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine that guarantees a series of concrete advantages both for patients and healthcare structures involved. Thanks to the construction and extension of the use of the record a lot of advantages are going to be achieved. They can be summed up as follows:

  • Allowing the information transmission inside the same hospital or among different LHAs;
  • Guaranteeing the transparency of all intervention and operations made during the different phases of the care process for the patient involved in the Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine path;
  • Organizing aggregated data to support a quicker and more efficient reading of the clinical aspects;
  • Allowing the use of uniform evaluation scales, guaranteeing a better homogeneity on the evaluation systems in use.

The advantages will be achieved when the Electronic Health Record will be functioning, permitting to channel all data about each single patient being gathered in one shared record.