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The project “Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine” planned the acquisition of information system for the digital management of Operative Units of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in the Veneto Region by using a purchasing union to improve the managerial efficiency of surgeries and solve the problem of the large mobility of patients that characterizes the sector.

The initiative began in 2006 when SIMFER (Italian Society of Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine, Veneto Region Group)asked the Telemedicine Consortium, after become Arsenàl.IT, to evaluate the chance to provide the Operative Units of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine with a system for the digital management (digital record) to trace and monitor patients in rehabilitation therapy. The tool to evaluate the feasibility study was a market analysis that revealed the need to realize a record able to manage clinical data of the patient, letting a sharing among all the Authorities and Hospital Trusts of the Region of clinical documents and data of each patient.

The project was coordinated by the LHA n. 16 Padova and involved 16 LHAs of the Veneto Region.

Arsenàl.IT coordinated and supported the inter-authority working party composed of clinicians, administrative and IT staff in the preparation of the tender specifications and assessment of the administrative paths. Il belongs to the Scientific Committee that has the task to give addresses as regards the evolution of the system acquired by the Authorities in the 3 years after the installation and to assure uniformity and homogeneity to personalised solutions asked by the Authorities to guarantee the interoperability in time.

In 2010 it obtained the Accademia P.A. Salute Award that recognizes the best eHealth experiences and project at national level and it is appointed during the Forum P.A. in Rome.