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The projects aimed at four different categories of objectives:

  • Clinical objectives: the project aimed at enhancing the quality of life of chronic patients suffering from cardiovascular pathologies, COPD and diabetes through a series of telemonitoring services at patients' home;
  • Objectives from the patient/user's point of view: the project provided clinical services coherent by means of using ICT solutions that take into account the patients' as well as the professionals' needs, their skills, risks and benefits. The actions were planned to implement solutions that support the patients' empowerment and enhance their satisfaction;
  • Economic objectives: the project implemented a new care model that is expected to reduce healthcare costs about chronic patients by a progressive reduction of the dependence of these patients from expensive applications that support acute episodes in the chronic disease with a more sustainable home-based model;
  • Managerial objectives: the project aimed at creating a managerial telemedicine model that can grant the patients a safe, clear and efficient caretaking path inside the healthcare system.