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RENEWING HEALTH is a European project that aimed at assessing the use of the Personal Health System (PHS) and telemedicine services integrated with telemonitoring of chronic patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and diabetes.

Arsenàl.IT collaborated with the Veneto Region as regards the technical-scientific aspects in coordinating a European Consortium composed by 9 partners.

The project, closed in December 2013, consisted of studying a panel of about 6.096 patients chosen in all the involved countries, 3.332 of which in the Veneto Region. The survey, following the HTA's guidelines, provided objective outcomes about the efficiency of telemonitoring services and about their actual contribution as for the quality of patients' care.

The main aim was assessing telemonitoring services created in the involved regions by adopting  a shared, rigorous assessment method (MAST) to implement these services on a large-scale basis. 

All studied services are designed and planned to provide patients a central role in the management of their diseases, measuring treatments in a methodical way, promoting a collaboration in treatment and helping healthcare professionals to identify possible symptoms of worsening by means of using a monitoring system based on a common set of control elements.

Even if the integration among solutions at regional level represents an absolute priority for the partners, the use of international standards and the progressive convergence towards architectures based on interoperability was a common objective that facilitated sharing solutions and their applicability on a national and international level.

The total budget amounted to 14,000,000 €.