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The partnership of RENEWING HEALTH chose to adopt a multidisciplinary and common assessment methodology of telemedicine services, the MAST (Model for Assessment of Telemedicine), to meet a specific need highlighted by the European Commission that wanted to research objective evidence of the not strictly clinical benefits arising from the adoption of Personal Health Systems (PHS) in the processes of care. This lack of evidence in fact, prevented the widespread use of telemonitoring services.

The MAST has the purpose to provide objective results on the usefulness, effectiveness and effective contribution to the quality of care monitoring services that use telemedicine solutions. This methodology implies that an assessment of a telemedicine application should include the following domains: 

1. Health problem and characteristics of the application;

2. Safety;

3. Clinical effectiveness;

4. Patient perspectives;

5. Economic aspects;

6. Organisational aspects;

7. Socio-cultural, ethical and legal aspects.

The MAST is based on the definition of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in the EUnetHTA project.

Watch the videos of the User Advisory Board and the Mast Seminar held in Treviso in February 2012.