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The project "Ricerca Sanitaria Finalizzata Farmaceutica" (Targeted Health Research on ePrescription) aimed at creating a telematic network among pharmacies, general practitioners, Local Health Authorities and Hospital Trusts.

The main objective is increasing the efficiency of the entire prescription system thanks to the creation of an info-structure to manage effectively the cycle of ePrescription in an interoperable way and introducing organizational solutions and computer applications to allow reporting to the local healthcare Authorities and the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Arsenàl.IT coordinates the project management, overseeing the infostructure, in compliance with national and international guidelines on standards and interoperability.

The project allowed to develop a prototype of network among pharmacies to manage the prescriptive cycle in an automated manner. The trial was carried out from August to November 2013, and involved 21 General Practitioners and 14 pharmacies in the areas of Treviso and Belluno. This model allowed the workflow management of the eprescription, including giving a feedback to the Regional Information Centre about the kind and level of drug provided.

The project, moreover, aimed at defining the fundamental technical guidelines to define the Electronic Pharmaceutical Record, providing a Health Technology Assessment (HTA) evaluation of social, economical, organizational and marketing impact resulting from the introduction of the service.

This experience, in line with the technical specs of DOGE, Veneto ESCAPE, FDCOS, are elements of the regional Electronic Health Record of the Veneto Region.

The project was finishe in April 2014.