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SUSTAINS aims at letting people get online access to their health information offering a full range of services that can improve the citizens’ role in the management of their healthcare and the treatment of any illnesses they suffer from. 

The beginning outlook is based on 3 areas according to the following general objectives:

  • Citizen empowerment;
  • Clinical outcomes;
  • Efficiency and cost saving;

Local Health Authority n.8 Asolo, partner of the project, studies and starts services to guarantee online access to clinical data by citizens in 2 areas: administration services (specialist visits or diagnostics exams booking, payment, GP change, privacy services, etc.) and clinical services (access to Health Information, service for the interaction between clinician and patient, comment reporting, monitoring data integration, etc.). 

The project also aims at evaluating, in real life, the impact of services and benefits, if any, so as to provide the basis for their widespread use. To do so, it applied a HTA methodology of assessment for telemedicine that will quantify the level of use of the services and their effects in the three main domains of interest: patient empowerment, clinical outcomes, efficiency and sustainability.