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The project aimed at spreading and standardising in all the regional LHAs and Hospital Trusts of the Region the dematerialization of the huge mass of clinical documents, about 10 millions per year in Veneto.

The aim of digitalizing the whole reporting cycle, while leaving the legal validity of the document unchanged, also satisfied the need to provide greater security and guarantees for the user's privacy.

The project puts great emphasis on interoperability. One of its main objectives was the creation of a substrate required for the integration and collaboration of the 23 member Local Health Authorities through the sharing of common organizational models and a standardized, interoperable infrastructure. This process set the basis for the building of the regional Electronic Health Record (EHR), a three-year long project approved in 2012 (DGR n.1671 del 2012) by the Veneto Region that assigned Arsenàl.IT to coordinate the 23 Local Health Authorities and Hospital Trusts of the region to achieve the objective by 2015.