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The advantages produced by the application of the project Veneto ESCAPE in all the LHAs and Hospital Trusts of the Veneto Region, first of all the improvement of the care process, are not only assessable on the economical side. The decrease in time required for the production of the medical report as well as the reduction of the margin of error when sorting e-reports that guarantees greater respect for privacy, are results that allow a greater number of human lives to be saved.

Veneto ESCAPE also guarantees the citizen empowerment, supporting the citizen's tendency to have an active role on its personal healthcare treatment. This contributes to answer to respect and dignity issues in the healthcare process.

The results achieved show that in the Veneto Region 95% of digital reports produced are digitally signed (survey December 2012).

The data elaborated by Arsenàl.IT demonstrate that thanks to the medical report the citizens of the Veneto Region save 120 millions euros per year not being obliged to go to the office to get the medical record anymore. Considerable is also the saving for the regional health system that got back 56 millions euros in three years to reinvest for the improvement of the health services.