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The project Veneto ESCAPE, co-funded by DigitPA (Ministry of Public Administration and Innovation) and the Veneto Region, is an initiative that allows the digital management of the whole cycle for signing, certifying, filing, extracting, distributing and storing up clinical digital reports while leaving their legal validity unchanged.

Launched in 2009 and ended in 2012, it makes it possible for all the Veneto citizens, almost 5 million inhabitants, to download their clinical reports directly from the internet without having to go to the offices.

The ESCAPE solution was developed by LHA n.9 Treviso, that is the transferring organization for the reuse project, and then replicated in all the other Veneto Region Local Health Authorities and Hospital Trusts (the reusing organizations or re-users). 

Arsenàl.IT coordinated the project and helped the member Authorities to develop the solution, focussing particular attention on interoperability, security, scalability and the use of internationally recognized standards.