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Examples of the definition and application of codification systems for digital clinical documents are:

  • The codification for the results of laboratory tests (LOINC ) : spreading from the project Veneto ESCAPELOINC– Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes – is a database that gives names and universal ID codes to identify laboratory results and clinical tests. The aim is to simplify the exchange and sharing of results (i.e. haemoglobin, potassium level, etc.) or vital signs to improve clinical assistance, the management of the final results and the research activity. The team Arsenàl.IT , thanks to the applied methodology and the development of a software that facilitates collaboration between laboratories , has made it possible the transcoding of over 2000 laboratory codes.
  • The regional codification for the specialist prescription (unique regional catalogue on prescription): The team of Arsenàl.IT contributes to the definition of the unique regional catalogue of specialist prescription and its maintenance, through a working group composed of experts from various disciplines (health, administrative and IT personnel). The catalogue is necessary to standardize the contents and management of ePrescription in the whole region. Inside it there is the list of codes and descriptions of all ePrescriptions that can be prescribed by prescribers doctors of  Veneto Region.